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Pagham Yacht Club has four categories of Membership – Full, Social, Honorary and Temporary. The membership year finishes on the last day of February and starts on 1st March for the new year.  


Full Membership

A Full member shall have the full use of all the club facilities and benefits from a vote at all general meetings of the club. Full membership is available in the following classes:


Adult: Individual Adult over 18 years of age.

Family*: Husband/Wife or Cohabiting Partners and their children+ - aged between 8 and 18 years living at the same address.

Student^: An individual Adult member who is under 24 years of age in full time education.

Youth: A sailing/angling member aged between 8 and 18 years, without a parent / guardian member and they shall have no voting rights.


Social Membership:

A Social member who may use only the facilities available in the club house, they shall not be entitled to sailing/angling facilities, unless events are designated by the appropriate Rear Commodore as inclusive of

Social Members.  Social Members have no voting rights unless they are serving Committee members and they shall not exceed 40% of the total membership. 


Social Adult: Individual Adult non-sailing / angling member over 18 years of age.

Social Family*: Husband/Wife or Cohabiting Partners and their children+ of between 8 and 18 years living at the same address.


The Club has temporarily stopped accepting applications for Social Membership from New members. Those wishing to join may wish to consider Full Membership instead. Social Membership applications for those renewing their membership are still welcomed.


Honorary Membership:

The club, on the recommendation of the Committee, may in General Meeting elect Honorary members, who shall have no voting rights unless they are serving Committee members.


Temporary Membership:

A category of membership primarily intended for summer visitors from other RYA or AT recognised club or organisations and ‘House Guests’ of Club members. Temporary members shall have the full use of the club facilities for a period not exceeding 14 days in any one year but;



*  Discount for Single Parent families.

^ Discount for Students living away from home and more than 50 miles from the club.

+ Children of Family members shall have the full use of all the club facilities and will be classed as Youth members.


A more detailed description of the membership arrangements can be found at Section 3 – Membership within the PYC Rules and By-Laws on the website.


Message from the Membership Secretary


Thank you to all those members that have re-joined. We have also had applications from some new members in readiness for the new season.

The Club wishes to thank everyone for your support for the Club and, fingers crossed, we can look to some great water based and social events of the rest of the Spring, Summer and Autumn.


For all those of you that have not yet applied to renew membership and boat park fees, please do visit the Membership tab where you can download the 2021 membership form and view the membership fees.


Those waiving refunds will see the fees in black (the same as last year!) and those taking advantage of the rebate will see the new fees in red.


It goes without saying that if you are able to, a decision to waive the fee rebate will greatly help the Club, but it is also appreciated that not everyone is in the same position at the present time.


Our preference is that renewal of fees takes place online by way of BACS, if that is possible, so that the transfer of cash or cheques is kept to a minimum. Payments of cash and cheques are currently difficult for the Treasurer to bank for Covid-19 reasons. That said, if you need to, then do post or deliver cheques to the Club post box at Pagham Yacht Club, 1 West Front Road, Pagham, West Sussex PO21 4SY. It is suggested that cash is only paid at the Club when we are open please.


As this is a volunteer-based Club, we are asking for all of those renewing to complete the volunteers list on the application form so that we can update member details as well to try to capture some information about member skills that might be helpful to the Club.